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Strong Foundations with Our Piling Experts in North London

Building any infrastructure is serious business. Meticulous planning and effective execution are required for building a structure that stands the test of time. One of the first steps in building any infrastructure is laying its foundations. There are countless types and methods of building foundations. So how do you know which type is best for your construction project? Our piling contractors in North London can not only answer that question for you but also suggest and build the right foundation for your commercial or residential project.

Our foolproof identification processes

The first step in identifying the right foundation is also the most demanding one. It entails highly technical analysis such as soil analysis and several calculations. Our team of geotechnical and structural engineers will analyse the soil quality of the construction site, calculate the load bearing values (LBV), analyse other factors such as weather and ground conditions, and then recommend the right type and size of foundations. One foundation-building method, which is considered to be highly useful, is piling. It is usually carried out on construction sites with special requirements. For instance, inadequate soil quality and insufficient LBV, restricted site access, regulations, and budgetary concerns.

Our Piling services in North London

When the ground soil is not adequate, deeper layers of soil have to be used for building foundations. These deeper layers are first identified, their LBV is checked, and then engineers can select the preferable method of piling. Different types of piles and piling techniques may be used to transfer the load (weight of the structure) to a layer of high-quality soil.

Selecting the type of piles and the methodology is our headache, but just for your understanding, we briefly touch on the types of piling techniques we use. Some of the methods our piling contractors North London employ include:
• Mini Piling: Ideal for sites with limited access, such as any property's interior, tight areas, and areas with low headroom.
• CFA Piling: it is also known as hollow stem piling, ideal for constructing deep foundations, a CFA (Continuous flight auger) is drilled into the ground to the desired depth, followed by quick pumping of concrete and gradual removal of the CFA. Reinforcements are inserted right after the CFA has been removed.
• SFA Piling: Same as CFA piling, except that it is more suitable for construction sites with very low headroom. This method is highly suitable for residential construction projects.
• Driven Piles: Steel, composite, timber, or concrete columns are driven/drilled to the desired depth. They are also known as displacement piles.

State-of-the-art piling equipment

The above methods of piling require modern equipment in the form of rigs. We have state-of-the-art piling rigs, including CFA, SFA, driven piling, screw piling, and mini piling rigs. These rigs are handled and controlled by our highly skilled technicians. They save considerable time, are highly precise, and save the cost of construction.

Piling is versatile

Piling is highly versatile. Piling in North London or elsewhere in the UK can be used for:
• Building foundations at sites with restricted access
• Building foundations at sites with low headroom
• Building foundations in areas where vibration and noise can disturb adjacent structures
• Building foundations on low-quality soil such as high cohesion, high moisture content, low LBV, etc.
• Reinforcement of existing foundations which have become weak due to changing soil conditions, shifting or other factors.
Whether you are looking to reinforce your residential or your commercial property, our piling specialists in North London will provide you with reliable and satisfying services.

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• We use our own rigs or outsource them depending on availability.

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