Underpinning Contractors

What is Underpinning?

A typical construction technique called underpinning is used to reinforce a current building foundation or to bury a new foundation deeper beneath an old one.

What is Underpinning in Construction?

Underpinning is the detailed process of bolstering or supporting a building or other similar structures. For underpinning repair projects, we use the best possible approach. Understanding and evaluating the soil strata, any issues affecting the entire foundation, the necessary depth, and the scope of the new foundation are all necessary to repair the ground.

When Does a House Need Underpinning?

There are various benefits and reasons for taking underpinning services. Our underpinning construction services are of top-notch quality to solve all your foundation issues. Our underpinning UK specialists have the expertise to extend the foundation to increase its surface area and disperse the load over a larger area, reinforcing the current foundation by adding an expanding filler.


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For Extension Projects

If you are planning to build another storey of your house or want to convert your residential property into a commercial one, then it is better to have underpinning services before that. Because due to an already weak existing foundation, our underpinning services are crucial to lift the heavy weight of your building.

For Stability of Your Building

In order to help prevent problems from arising in the near future, homeowners must be careful about the excavation works near the construction site, so you need to strengthen the ground below through underpinning construction.

To Address Current Foundation Problems

Buildings that have sunk can be raised back to their original position by levelling out their subsided foundations and stabilising them with underpinning. For fast and rapid solutions, our underpinning contractors use resin injection solutions to restore your building to stability.

Types of Underpinning

The process of underpinning is done below the ground level to protect and shield the building. Our underpinning specialists choose the appropriate method to provide you with the best foundation solutions. Below are the listed types of underpinning services at HEB Contractors.

Mass Concrete Underpinning

People are generally not aware of different types of underpinning services and only know about the traditional underpinning technique called mass concrete underpinning. Our process entails boxing off sections of the ground beneath the structure and then excavating that ground, filling the gaps with concrete for a strong foundation. Our traditional mass concrete underpinning cost is less than our competitors.
Although it can be done even with particularly deep foundations, this process is typically used when foundations are shallow. This underpinning technique does not require heavy equipment labour, so it’s a cost-effective method to build a strong foundation. While underpinning a house, the structure can still be used while the work is being done.

Piled Underpinning

Our underpinning contractors work on the construction of piled underpinning when the foundation load needs to be transferred to stable soils at a greater depth. The soil is typically unable to support the weight of the structure above. Additionally, lack of access to the construction site or environmental issues with excavated soil is the reason for inserting piles. While underpinning a house, when the entire building has experienced subsidence, internal floors are removed, and later grid of steel-encased piles filled with concrete is installed.

Resin Injected Underpinning

With vast experience, our underpinning specialists can effectively level your structures for subsidence with the help of high-tech, advanced and powerful engineered resin injection underpinning. An array of small-bore injection tubes are used to deliver polyurethane resin mix into the ground for a strong and durable foundation. Upon entering the ground, the components mix and expand and your building is brought back to level in a controlled manner. Our cost of repairing subsidence for resin-injected underpinning is slightly greater than the typical techniques of underpinning. A wide variety of buildings and landscapes are compatible with resin injection underpinning, which is a quick and generally cleaner alternative to traditional piled underpinning.

Computer-controlled Grouting Process

In order to raise the structure gently and non-invasively, our underpinning contractors use computer-controlled grouting techniques to deliver high-mobility grout into the ground by using a large number of injection ports. Through this technique, your land becomes capable to lift a heavy load for a longer period of time. With the use of ultra-modern technology, it has become possible to program 128 injection ports from a single computer. Our self-contained grout batching and control center is housed in a self-contained unit to reduce the amount of space needed on the property, and it can also be disassembled to allow access to restricted areas of your structure.